Celebrating 20 Years of Love: The Inspiring Success Stories of Dream Singles


Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Dream Singles is not just any ordinary dating site – it’s a community dedicated to bringing together like-minded individuals who are searching for long-lasting relationships regardless of distance and cultural differences. In this article, we’ll share the inspiring success stories of twenty happy couples who met on Dream Singles and explore what makes this platform stand out from other dating sites. Join us as we celebrate 20 years of love!

Ekaterina and Michael

Happiness can be found anywhere even on the website. I was convinced of this when I began to communicate with Michael. We immediately realized that we were ready to meet in the real life. At that moment, Michael was in Kiev and we decided to meet for a cup of coffee. I liked the fact that he was funny and smart. We talked about different topics and laughed. Michael loves his motorcycle very much and I hope next time he will give me a ride:) Our summer meeting was unforgettable. We are still in touch and are planning our next meeting. I am very happy to have met such a wonderful person. Let’s see where life takes us. Thanks to Dream Singles site for finding each other.

Daria and David

David and I met online on the Dream Singles website about three months ago, and we immediately realized that we had to meet. Long correspondence, worries, evenings without sleep, we were supposed to meet in Italy, but life did not give us such a chance. As a result, David flew to me in Batumi, we spent a very cozy day together…There are so many moments that we would like to experience together, and finally the long-awaited meeting. I remember his eyes when he first saw me and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time. I am sincerely grateful to Dream Singles for the opportunity to meet such a good person as David. Now I know for sure that time and distance are not an obstacle to a sincere relationship. Thank you Dream Singles

Elena and Eric

Perhaps I will sound immodest, but happiness does not like modesty! I would like to share my happiness with the whole world, thereby inspiring others to LOVE!My dear husband Eric and I met on the Dream Singles website, then we met in Kyiv, and after half a year Eric proposed to me to become his. And you know what?? I am writing from his house, we are in the USA, I am in his arms on the couch and we are VERY VERY HAPPY NEWLYWEDS! I can’t believe that I am the of the best man in the world!I am very grateful to everyone who was involved in my happiness, starting with the Dream Singles site and the one who created online dating and ending with fate and God! I wish everyone who reads this to find their soul mate! Well, and I’ll go continue to hug and kiss my beloved husband!

Irina and Neil

I have met Neil on the Dreamsingles website, we have been corresponding for about a year . Finally, we got a chance to meet each other in Odessa. We planned to meet on the 24th of December but the bad weather made it’s own adjustments. So, we met on 26th of December. On the first day we met , our eyes were so bright and excited. We held hands and looked into each other’s eyes.It was a wonderful dinner, endless conversations about how long we waited for the date and remembered amazing moments we had on the site. It looked like a fairy tale on Christmas and we fell in love more deeply. It is a really great story of our love. I wish good luck to everyone and now I know for sure it is possible to meet a loved one’s here.

Ekaterina and Andreas

This is our story. Andreas arrived from Stock-holm and landed in Kharkov on 21 December. We met at the airport and took a taxi to a cozy restaurant . I ate an Italian pasta dish and Andreas ate the delicious Ukrainian soup Borsch. The meeting was magical. Andreas took my hand and in his hand was a small gift from him. It was a heart-shaped pendant.It was icy cold outside, but the warmth between us kept us warm. We will definitely see each other again very soon. We have two dates planned already, one for me to go to Stockholm and another for a larger event. On the way back to the airport, Andreas put his arm around me and we both felt tingling sensation inside us. I felt so safe in his arms and I am convinced that Andreas also enjoyed the moment.Thank you Dream-Singles for the opportunity to meet, without your service we would never have met. Thanks!

Julia and Kurt

I really want to thank Dream Singles for helping me find my Real Man. The story of our relationship is quite interesting. I wrote to him first and decided to try my luck that way. And as it has appeared – luck is on my side) He answered me and we had a nice conversation that day… I thought it would not last long, but he was so interested in our communication that we immediately caught the general wave and decided for ourselves that we should try to expand our capabilities and boundaries of our feelings. After talking on the phone and after our first meeting, we realized that this is really nothing but fate. Our feelings, our goal to have a good family and our common outlook on life gave us the strength and determination to take this step. Thanks to this site, all my cherished desires which I dreamed of and never even dreamed of, have come true. Although, my soulmate was in another country, this didn’t prevent us from connecting and being together.Once again I thank this site for such an opportunity to find my beloved person!

Olga and Charles

Finally, I got a happy ending, my search is over! I had an unforgettable date, I did not expect that with the help of the site I would meet such a kind, sweet and attentive man like Charles.From the first minutes of our meeting, I realized that there was something more between us than just online correspondence. On our second date, I made the decision that we should develop our relationship off-site and go our own way. Thanks again to the Dream Singles site for the opportunity to have a happy family life!

Elena and Perry

Finally, we met with Perry.. He is a simple kind man from the USA. We started to communicate, to exchange our dreams and plans, and then decided to meet each other in a real life. We realized that we have a lot of common goals in life, the same values and priorities. Perry helped and supported me during the most difficult months in my life and proved to me that I can trust and count on him. He brought the biggest change and positive impact on my life. Our meeting was very emotional and exciting. We spent a wonderful time together. I want to thank Dream Singles website for helping me to meet the most incredible man in the world!

Daria and William

Bill and I met on Dream Singles and quickly realized that we had a lot in common and enjoyed talking to each other. We decided to meet in person and set up a date at a local restaurant. On the day of our date, we were both nervous but glad to finally meet. As soon as we saw each other, we knew we had made the right decision. We spent the evening talking and laughing, and both felt a strong connection. After that first date, we started seeing each other regularly. We went on hikes, visited new restaurants, and spent hours talking and getting to know each other. We quickly fell in love and I know for 100% now that I want to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Anna and Jose

Hello everyone! I am glad that I had a chance to make my dream come true in Tallinn, a romantic place in the Europe. Our communication was very pleasant. I still can not believe that we met so quickly, it was easy and without any problems. What else is needed for a little happiness in these stormy times? Good vibes are following me and I am confident in our future with Jose. I wish you all to find happiness and love here on Dream-singles site.

Victoria and Daniel

I want to tell you our story! Daniel and I met in Spain in the beautiful city of Alecante. Daniel impressed me with his tenderness and openness and a bouquet of red-blue roses was the most beautiful in my life!I was happy to meet Daniel in person. It was a wonderful winter evening in a warm and sincere company! Thanks to Dream Singles for the opportunity to meet wonderful people.

Victoria and Derek

Derek and me met on Dream Singles site and we talked for a while. At some point, I thought that we would not be able to meet in real life but the New Year’s miracle happened. Despite the difficult situation that is currently happening in the world, we found the opportunity to meet in Poland. It was a very unusual feeling and after the meeting I realized that my desire to continue communication with Derek became even stronger. Now we will try to build something more between us. Thank you Dream Singles for giving us a chance to meet and get to know each other better during this difficult time.

Ekaterina and Floor

It was a very pleasant meeting for us. Rolf and I only talked for a few months but it was enough to understand that this is a person I want to meet again with in real life. So, we finely met . Our date was very romantic, I am grateful to the the Dream Singles site for making me feel like a real woman with the real gentlemen.

Tatiana and William

When thinking about a, the only word that comes to mind is a “fairytale”. I can honestly say that this word best describes our special day. I have always had a dream to visit Italy. I have no idea how Scottie managed to arrange everything in just a month and make my dream come true. My only “duty’ was to take a few days off from work and prepare my international passport, everything else was a surprise properly arranged by Scottie.
So, just imagine – my sister, my little niece and I get on a plane to fly to Milan where we meet with Scott. First day we just walk around enjoying our time together and somehow “quite by accident” we get to the Ukrainian Embassy and then to the City Hall.. I was absolutely sure we would just register the and that is it. How wrong I was.
After completing the paperwork, our next stop was a boutique of dresses and then, I realized the fairy tale begins.. Beautiful little hotel room overlooking Lake Como, I am sipping my orange juice enjoying the view.. There is a knock on the door and here are the make up artist and hairstylist, and here are the photographer and video maker (what a surprise all these people are from Ukraine), another knock on the door – flower delivery and the bunch of beautiful white peonies is now in my hands, I go downstairs and see my Scott wearing the most beautiful tuxedo, his hands are shaking, eyes looking at me and he whispers ‘I think I can make you happy for a long, long time and I love you so much’ .
Then our unforgettable boat trip along Como Lake, our photoshoot in the pearl of Lake Como – Villa Balbianello which was opened just for the two of us that day, official open-air registration, our ceremony and the exchange of vows, a small reception just for the dearest people, a lot of sweet memories, bright emotions, our first kiss, our first dance, our first… our first EVERYTHING..It is something I am sure we will cherish forever. I still have no idea how it all happened. I have no idea what good things I did in my life to get through a day like this, but I can honestly say that I felt like a real princess and this is what I will cherish forever.
This is what I wish every single girl and man who is still searching to feel in their lives.
First of all, I want to say thank you to my dear Scottie for creating such a beautiful. That was definitely the first but not the last our happy moment. Thank you Dream Singles site, my agency and my family for everything they have done for our happiness!!!”

Elena and Phil

Hi, my name is Elena. I am happy that I met such a wonderful man on this site. Phil is a real man, who knows how to treat a lady. We have corresponded for some time, actually not too long. And we both felt that we were ready to meet and develop our relationships in reality. We met at a nice restaurant, had a wonderful conversation and we agreed to share breakfast together on the next day.I thank this site for the possibility to meet a serious and kind man who makes me smile and does everything for me. I believe that everyone can find true love here but you have to have your serious intentions.

Yana and Philip

Is it luck or fate? Dear friends, I want to share my story with you, I still can’t believe it is true, but it is! I registered on the Dream Singles website just a couple of months ago. Before I felt all broken, my life was filled with a series of terrible events. I lost everything because of the war in my country and I was forced to leave my home and move to Europe with my daughter.
I was all alone! Loneliness was touring my heart to pieces and the amount of hardship and grief that I faced and had to go through almost broke me and I was on the brink of despair.But at that moment my friend suggested joining the Dream-Singles website. Frankly speaking, I have never believed in such a way of dating and was quite skeptical, but she insisted. And after about a month, I met Philip.
From the beginning, he seemed to me a serious and charming man and he proved it shortly. He requested a date and came to Prague to meet me in real! And here our real story began. He wrapped me in his warmth, care, and attention. He was able to treat my broken soul and give me a hope for happy future! He is incredibly kind, he takes such good care of me and his smile is something, just look at it – it’s real sunshine, isn’t it?
We liked each other so much that he agreed to stay in Prague for another two weeks. So I am thinking about introducing him to my daughter next week. I have no doubts he will conquer her little heart as well as mine. Yes, it’s a very serious step, but I feel he is the right person and I think I am ready for something new.
So, what can I say it’s all real! Believe, take risks, try and my strongest advice do not lose much time, but meet in real as soon as it is possible!My best regards to all of you and my huge thanks to the Dream-Singles website!

Natalia and Perez

Nowadays, life is not easy and unfortunately, lots of bad things are happening! People are drowning in their problems and forget that we live only once and we need to try the positive in everything! We met on the Dream Singles website and from the very beginning, the communication was easy and relaxed. After a while we realized that we are ready to meet in person. We met in a nice restaurant for a glass of wine, had a pleasant conversation. We are so grateful to the site for making such a possibility to meet interesting people from all over the world!

Victoria and Jay

Our story with Jay started a long time ago and we were dreaming to meet in a real life. We talked a lot, and imagined how it would go when we finally meet. It was an amazing evening we spent that day! We talked, we laughed, we discussed many things, and it was real!!! Just face to face!!! I am sure that it is not the last our big impression about each other, it will go on! I am very grateful to Dream-Singles for helping me to find such a good man and make this long way be real and fantastic! I want to tell everyone who is reading our story right now – believe in your dreams, go forward and never give up! You will definitely succeed, that’s true!

Yaroslava and Gedeon

I wish to share my experience on Dream Singles. I was happy to meet Gedeon in Odessa. He flew in for the weekend to see me. I respect that he acts like a true man doing real things. Our first date went great! We spent the evening in a cozy restaurant and got to know each other better. The next day we also decided to meet again, he even took his friend with us.He is a strong, serious, courageous man. I feel we are getting closer. I am looking forward to develop our communication in the future. Thanks to Dream Singles for the opportunity to meet a worthy partner on the site, and then in reality!

Yaroslava and Gedeon

I was very glad to meet Sergio. He is a very interesting, cheerful and easy-going man. At the meeting, we talked a lot, exchanged emotions, and laughed.For me, this was the first experience of such communication and Sergio made this meeting wonderful.I want to thank Dream Singles site for allowing people from different countries to get to know each other better and build relationships. I am very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to be happy!I want to continue my communication with Sergio and time will show where this will lead us.

What Makes Dream Singles Different?

Dream Singles is a dating site that has been operating for 20 years, and throughout those two decades, it has managed to establish itself as one of the most trusted platforms in the online dating industry. What sets Dream Singles apart from other dating sites is its dedication to ensuring that users have a safe and enjoyable experience.

One way they do this is by thoroughly screening each woman who registers on their platform. This ensures that users are only connecting with real women who are genuinely interested in finding a partner.

Another factor that makes Dream Singles different from other dating sites is their focus on facilitating meaningful connections between international singles. They offer translation services to help remove language barriers and allow members to communicate effectively.

Dream Singles also offers various features such as video chat, gift delivery service, personalized matchmaking services, and more. All of these features ensure that members have an engaging experience while using the platform.

What makes Dream Singles stand out among other online dating websites is their commitment to creating genuine connections between people looking for love across borders while maintaining high safety standards through thorough vetting processes.

20 Years of Love: The Future

Dream Singles has been matching singles for over 20 years, and their success stories speak for themselves. But what does the future hold for this dating site?

One thing is for sure: Dream Singles will continue to prioritize creating meaningful connections between individuals who are seeking true love. The site’s commitment to authenticity, safety, and personalized matchmaking will remain at the forefront of its mission.

As technology advances and online dating becomes even more popular, Dream Singles will undoubtedly stay ahead of the curve in terms of features and functionality. Expect continued updates to enhance user experience while maintaining a focus on building lasting relationships.

But perhaps most excitingly, as Dream Singles celebrates 20 years of facilitating love stories, we can look forward to hearing many more inspiring tales from couples who met on the platform in the decades to come. As long as there are singles looking for genuine companionship and connection, we can trust that Dream Singles will be there to help them find it.

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Dream Singles has made it possible for singles all over the world to find love, and their 20-year anniversary is a testament to their success. Through innovative technology and a commitment to safety, Dream Singles has helped countless couples find their happily ever after.

The inspiring stories of four successful couples show that true love knows no boundaries. Whether they come from different parts of the world or have different backgrounds, these couples found each other through Dream Singles.

What sets Dream Singles apart from other dating sites is its dedication to providing a safe and secure environment for its members. From background checks to strict verification processes, every measure is taken to ensure that only genuine people are using the site.

As we look towards the future, it’s clear that Dream Singles will continue to be at the forefront of online dating innovation. With new features constantly being added and an unwavering commitment to helping singles find love, there’s no telling how many more success stories will be written in the next 20 years.

So if you’re looking for your own happily ever after, why not give Dream Singles a try? Who knows – you could be celebrating your own success story in no time!

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